Ask Zhe Blu Medic


((Hey, thanks for the Tinychat guys! I was really fun, a bit sad that it was lagging so much ^u^”

Hopefully we can do it again another time :D ))

Yes it was really fun we must do it another time soon again ^^ (a shame i have school tomorrow and it was lagging ^^” )


BUUUUUT! me and zhe dear red medic is gonna make a tinychat later, acually soon ! around 21.00 GMT+1 please come by and say hi =D 

feel free to ask more questions in the chat <3


Blu: I’m a bit of both

Red: Yeah, me too. It depends on zhe situation at hand, though.


Blu: Yes, ve do have a lot in common

Red: Heh, I must admit, ve do…


Red: Zhat is actually a really good question. I wouldn’t say I only hate one specific person, either on RED or BLU. I don’t really like anyone at all.

Blu: I vould say zhe blu scout… he has always been a pain in the ass and then zhe blu spy I think those two are laying on the same level 


Vhat do zhink ve are, a fan-service booth!?

((Important post-thingie, because I can’t think of a better title XD))



((So in a few days I’m going to spend some days with my friend Foxy who is cosplaying as BLU Medic. And since we really wanna have some fun those days we want some awesome, new questions to answer.

So get going and fill my in-box XD ))

Reblogging for those who might have missed it XD

you heard the medic go go go! XD 

And if you feel like it you can even ask in my ask box too, were gonna answer them later tonight ^^